“Gathering” Colored Pencil on Paper, 2020

I am the goose flying high over waters
And all that I know is the voice that calls,
Deep within is the essence of life,
Like a sweet gentle rain that falls,

You see me as I pass high overhead
And you stand feet planted on firm ground,
My trumpets resonate in the cool autumn air,
And mortal men are entranced by the sound,

It lifts your spirit from coils of the earth
And just for a moment you can almost fly,
Stranger beneath me gazing in wonder,
So quickly the moment passes you by.

O son of man we are creatures of earth
In search of our own destiny,
And at some point we both can meet,
As we share in what it means to be free.

-“Song of the Snow Goose” by Sidney Johnson

Reference photo for this artwork was provided by Joey Endy